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Crystal Bowls - Sinead
Crystal Bowls

Quartz crystal bowls are beautiful instruments which help magnify and transmit pure tone. Our physical body contains liquid crystalline structure which resonate with the pure tone from the crystal bowls enabling great potential for healing & transformation.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water making it a perfect sound resonator.


Crystal Harp

The crystal harp is a unique instrument for sound healing.

Looking similar to a xylophone the crystal harp is composed of eight pure quartz crystal tubes which emit a beautiful divine healing sound. 

Crystal Harp - Sinead
Tibetan Bowls

Recently introduced to the west, Tibetan bowls create a symphony of harmonics which can invoke a deeply comforting feeling in our being.  The size and thickness of the bowl create the pitch but the bowls do not have one single set note due to the number of beautiful overtones.

Tibetan bowls are played in the same way as the crystal singing bowls by playing them on or off the body.


Tibetan Bowls - Sinead
The Gong is a ancient instrument of sound healing.  The gong produces strong sound waves which can influence every cell in our body.  The teachings of Kundalini Yoga believe that the Gong is the sound of the Universe.  There are many types of Gongs, the bigger ones being more powerful and rich in overtones.
Vocal Toning
Toning involves using our voice to make sounds for the purpose of healing.
Each chakra has a vowel sound associated to it,  healing can be assisted by toning this sound into the chakra area.
Mantras may also be introduced into a session.

Gong - Sinead
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