The Esoteric meaning of Christmas Stories

This blog is based on information compiled from different articles which I have come across on the topic of hidden allegories in fairy tales and common stories. This theory got my attention, I am not attempting to change anyone’s belief system and would encourage you reader to do your own research.

We live in the ruins of ancient knowledge, not even knowing what we have lost. You don’t know what you don’t know as the saying goes. Could there be deeper truths hidden in many myths, fairy tales and ancient scriptures. The esoteric origin of these stories are not very well know, they have been hidden by myth and allegory for many years however with websites like youtube this information is slowly making its way into the mainstream.

Lets take a closer look at the allegorical meaning behind Santa and Jesus story.

There is said to be a spiritual process that takes place in our physical body starting around the age of 12. The claustrum secretes a sacred oil the Greeks used to call christos (Christ in heaven) which is used by the pineal gland (Joseph) to secrete a yellow substance DMT (honey) to the pingalla (male energy) and by the pituitary gland (Mary) to secrete a white substance serotonin (milk) to the Ida (magnetic female energy). The land of milk and honey is a reference to the fluid secretions of the brain.

The fluid poors down the spinal cord (chimney or river Jordan) into the solar plexus (Bethlehem/the house of virgo the virgin). The oil is then transformed into a psycho-spiritual seed (fish, Jesus, sun) which swims through the body.

The psycho spiritual seed (sun, fish, Jesus) descends all the way down to the sacrum (holy bone) ruled by Saturn. This is the deepest part of the oil’s journey (hell). coincidently the shape of the sacrum resembles the devil face, hmmm.

On the dangerous way back to the head (promised land/ascension) the seed must try to leave the lower animal body (Egypt, Sodom & Gomorrha) and defeat animal desire (Judas, Scorpius) and climb back up the spine (Jacobs ladder) which has 33 vertebrae (Jesus dies at the age of 33) where the vagus nerve (tree of life), cerebellum and the spine cross paths (the cross).

Here is where the seed is electrically charged (crucified) as its mixes with DMT from the pineal gland and serotonin from pituitary before heading up further into the centre of the cerebrum (heaven). The seed remains for 1 moon sign in the skull cavern (2.5 days in the tomb).

The sacred secretion that originally came from the CLAUStrum/colostrum is now transmuted into a new substance (the Christ within) and finally arrives at its destination, the optic thalamus (the light of the world/third eye), it is here where it explodes into a single body of light/pure consciousness (enlightenment). Dormant brain cells wake up and you are at one with the creator otherwise known as enlightenment. The Egyptians understood the power of this process. This is also depicted in the image of the sitting buddha with and acorn shaped head, the acorn is a symbol of the pineal gland. It is a coincidence that there is a pineal gland monument outside the Vatican, apologies can't resist another hmmm.

This process attempts to happen each month when the moon is in your sun sign (zodiac sign). The oil must be raised to the optic thalamus for consciousness and healing to occur. The oil is extremely delicate and is not easily maintained. If you live a life of peace and harmony with nature you could save the oil and give it an opportunity to reach its destination.

Certain practices are detrimental to the oil such as overeating, drinking alcohol, creating an acidic body and practicing sex during the days that the moon is in your zodiac sign. This is known as eating from the tree of life.

If you embrace the discipline required to preserve your oil you will be rewarded with spiritual gifts which are innate in us all.

Religion teaches us to worship a God/Saviour outside ourselves, we normally inherit these religious belief systems from our parents and so the cycle continues. It is important to question these belief systems, and do our own research does continuing a belief in the same system passed onto us empower us or enable others?

As similar story is told with Santa Claus, The word clause is derived from the root word claustrum which means cloister or place of seclusion. The word Santa is derived from the latin word sanctus which means holy.

Santa Claus is the giver of the most divine gift in the human body – the raw material for the lamp of the magic genie the highest state of consciousness possible and unleashing your potential.

Symbols in the Santa allegory:

North Pole = Top of your head

Snow = The claustrum is surrounded by white matter

Chimney = Brain Stem

Under your tree = bottom of your spine (Tree is your spine)

Elves = Neurons working in the brain

The Goat = symbolises the zodiac sign of capricorn starts on the 21st December

8 Reindeer – The 8 original cells (4 male & 4 Female)that never change located at the base of your spine

Gifts = Your latent abilities or your potential

Ashes = As you go back to ashes

Coal = Fossilised carbon/All know life has carbon

Our goal is to free ourselves from ego and become the light beings we truly are.

Putting this into a story is meant to help us to grasp a more important meaning.

References and more info:

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