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Too Fast & Furious Frequencies

We are living in world of change, technology is moving so fast its hard to even believe it was not that long ago when mobile phones were not common place. The rate at which new technology is released is quite alarming. The latest smart gadget or the newest I this, that and the other seems to be put upon us at every turn. Are we giving enough consideration to the potential harmful effects, technology may have on our health & wellbeing?

Everyday, we are subjected to various electromagnetic interference all around us. The link below from es-Ireland, shows research studies where higher rates of cancer was found for people living in areas nearer mobile phone masts. These waves are invisible, we don’t see the constant bombardment but if we could we would be horrified. The inevitable arrival of 5G and its further harmful affect’s is something we should all be concerned with.

Our eagerness to consume is almost like we are under a trance like spell. Not just the consumption of technology but also for foods, beverages, chemicals and pills which are toxic for our bodies.

We have a generation of children who spend hours on end each day living in a virtual world of computer simulation. Some adults are not much better, giving more attention to their phones than human interaction.

The introduction of human microchipping has already begun in Sweden, claims of being superhuman might be appealing for some but I feel it will do exactly the opposite. Why would we want to be anything other than who we really are?

Call me a conspiracy theorist but it feels to me like we are being led by the pied piper into a technological version of the world where something is getting lost in our humanness.

I used to sing along to the Aslan song ‘crazy world’ never giving it too much thought, now I am feeling the sentiment and wonder if maybe I’m just getting old.

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