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Why should we raise our vibration

So, you’re probably thinking what on earth is she talking about 😊 I know I was confused initially learning about this stuff, but it really is a game changer if we can remember to apply it.

Our vibration is dictated primarily by our emotional state of being. The scale in the picture is from the book Power Vs Force by Dr David Hawkins and illustrates the vibrational scale of our emotions.

No surprises that shame, guilt & fear are at the lower end of the scale.

This means if we are holding onto this frequency we will attract people singing the same sad song.

So how do we reach higher emotion states & increase our vibration, it’s not possible to go around floating on a cloud all the time. We all experience lower emotions now & then the key is not to get stuck in them. Sometimes we get attached to our stories as we convince ourselves this is who we are. Observing our thoughts and looking for the positives in all situations helps to move us out of a certain mindset. Raising your vibration means moving out lower vibrations so you can move through the lower emotions without getting stuck there.

Other considerations to help raise your vibration

  • Food holds a vibration, being mindful of what we put into our bodies. This is a tough one for me and a constant struggle. I’m a Taurean and we like our food 😊 fast food tastes good at the time but it always me feel lethargic & stodgy afterwards. I’ve found since becoming a vegetarian I am more responsive and less reactive emotionally.

  • Media & entertainment – what we focus on grows. What are you allowing yourself to focus on? Perhaps you could consider giving mainstream media or TV a miss for a while. To share my experience, I don’t watch mainstream media & find I can’t watch TV without getting agitated at all the programming particularly on the children’s channels.

  • Change your environment if it reminds you of old energy that needs to go.

  • Surround yourself with positive people, easier said than done I know. Be mindful of being dragged into drama & gossip.

  • Yoga & meditation – We are all familiar with the benefits of Yoga & meditation it really works and can heighten our awareness. Again, to share my experience sound meditation is a powerful tool to raise your vibration. Ok I maybe a bit bias 😊

The universal law of attraction states that like attracts like. Visualisation is a powerful tool helping us apply the LOA however the secret is in the vibration (feeling/emotional state). Paradoxically we need to feel like we already have what we desire.

Its worth raising our vibration, so we can show the universe how we feel then we can attract more of the same into our lives.

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