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Happiness Vs Pleasure

Pleasure can be derived from lots of outside sources or distractions such as material possessions, food, holidays etc and yes this can enhance our “feel good” factor for a while but these pleasurable feelings and things are fleeting and will soon pass.

Some people are always in search for the next pleasurable experience If I only had the car, that house, that holiday, more money etc then I’ll be happy. Its fine to want things once we realise that our happiness is not dependent upon it.

Happiness is an emotion and like all emotions it holds a vibration, the happiness vibration is higher than that of most emotions therefore the lower vibrations need to be moved out in order for happiness to have a chance of existing. Holding on to lower vibrations such as anger, fear, jealousy and sadness ensures no room for happiness as well as being detrimental to our health.

We all have our own personal frequency or energy imprint dictated by our thoughts feelings and emotions. We can raise our vibration by improving our thoughts, feelings and emotions and clearing out the lower vibrations or energy blocks stuck in our energy field.

The Universal law of mentalism shows us that our outside reality is a reflection of our inside world so it is worth spending time healing our past so we can purge what no longer serves us and move forward in our lives.

Happiness is an inside job.

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