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Make room for the new in 2018!

2018 is here and some of us have made and perhaps already broken some of our new year’s resolutions.

We set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic targets or convincing ourselves that we can’t do it anyway so there is no point in even trying, right!

Whatever the fear fuelled sabotaging self-talk, it is just a tactic from our ego or small self to keep us safe in our comfort cage. Change can be uncomfortable and challenging, it’s understandable that we might be reluctant to embrace it.

Holding onto the old ways re-enforces our ego identity but by holding on to old ways we are not creating the space needed for anything new to come into our lives.

These are a few suggestions on where to get started with letting go of physical clutter to gain momentum:

· Clean out your handbag

· Empty you coat pockets

· Clean out your wardrobe

· Clean out kitchen press

· Clean out your desk

· Clean out the closet

· Clean out that drawer (yes, the one that’s rammed closed)

I started with my handbag and have no explanation why I was carrying around endless grocery shopping receipts, empty wrappers, broken pens and advertising flyers. The wardrobes are reluctantly next, I am not looking forward to that, I know its time to let go of the size 10 jeans I've been holding onto. for years :-(

Perhaps you are carrying emotional baggage and holding onto what no longer serves you in a more important area of your life such as career, a friendship or relationship. This means getting honest with yourself and allowing all the suppressed emotions to surface.

Sometimes letting go or change involves taking an action which moves us outside our comfort zone, this requires much courage. Extending past our comfort zone means we are growing and learning. We should not fear change we should fear being in the same place and the same situation this time next year.

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