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Is it time to change the program?

So, we have all heard about limiting beliefs, the voice of self-doubt and self-sabotage that we have all succumbed to at some point right? The - I cant’s, I’m not good enough or what will others think of me stuff. These thoughts and beliefs can hold us back from living the best version of our lives that’s there for us.

So why does this happen?

The biggest contributing factor is the background program playing in our SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS.

It is well known that our subconscious drives 90% of what we do.

The brain is our command center but have you ever considered the possibility that you have a negative sabotaging program running in the background?

Most of our subconscious programs have been molded from our childhood experiences.

Behaviour/Perceptions/Attitudes/Values and Belief systems passed onto us from our family, friends, education, society, religion etc have taken the liberty to attach to our subconscious minds!

Let’s face it whilst our sources may have all had good intentions at the time, it doesn’t make them all true or relevant for you now.

Think of someone throwing money and rubbish into your house, well I don’t know about you but I think I’d like to keep the cash and throw out the rubbish.

Yet most of us are allowing rubbish subconscious beliefs to run our programs.

Take time to consciously monitor patterns in your behavior/perception/attitude/values/ thoughts and beliefs. Are you running an out of date rubbish program preventing you from living your best version? Time to take charge and clean up your unconscious mind, you have the power to be your own conscious creator.

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