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Head massage is a part of everyday life in India.  The word shampoo comes from the hindi word champi meaning head massage. Indian champissage involves working on the shoulders, upper back, neck, head, face and ears.  

There is no need to undress and use of oils is optional. Client sits comfortably during treatment which takes around 40 mins.

This relaxing therapy has many benefits.

- Relaxation of whole body

- Helps tension headaches

- Stimulation of lymph circulation

- Breaks down knots and nodules

- Promotes better sleep

- Clearer thinking

- Releases anxiety

- Increases circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth

- Balances upper three chakras

Treat yourself to this relaxing therapy 45 Mins - €50

or combine Indian Head Massage with Sound Healing 

1 hour - €60

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