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Benefits of Sound Healing 

  • Promotes Relaxation

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Improves conscious awareness

  • Balances brain hemispheres

  • Slows down brain wave pattern

  • Raises your vibration helping to lift depression

  • Helps to move energy blocks

  • Soothes & harmonises emotions 

Sound healing is an ancient practice based on the concept that we are made up of energy and every cell in our body has its own vibration. 

When in good health our body is like a finely tuned instrument playing in harmony, however we are often emotionally 'out of tune' which can lead to illness manifesting in our physical being.

Sound energy healing seeks to restore balance and harmony back into our being by raising the vibration of our cells.

Ancient traditions recognized vibration and sound as an important method for restoring balance and healing, sound has been used as a powerful healing tool for thousands of years.  

The sounds can slow down our brain waves which promotes the production of the healing hormone melatonin in addition the vibrations move through the body releasing tension & trapped energy, our bodies know what to do to heal and will take the required frequencies.  Old emotions can become trapped in the body and sound can help move them out. 

The Universal law of attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you give your energy or focus, we also need to align our vibration (thoughts, feelings and emotions) to our intentions.  

We are all vibrating atoms and have our own frequency depending on our own individual vibration, like attracts like.

Basically if we are negative all the time we will attract more of that 

As the saying goes 'your vibe attracts your tribe'.

Sound can move out the lower vibrations, helping us to feel better and attract better things.

Using instruments such as Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, drums, gongs, chimes and more, a sound bath is a deeply relaxing experience.

Bring yourself into harmony so you can begin to consciously create the life you want.​ 

I offer one to one or group sound healing sessions.

One to one sound healing

1 hour - €60

Group sound bath

1.5 hours - €25 per person (min 6 people)

Please contact me regarding smaller group sessions

Individual combination of Indian Head massage and sound healing

1 hour - €60


Sound Healing is not recommended for people with:

Pacemakers, stents, shunt or any heart condition.



Pregnant women 

Please consult with your doctor before commencing sound therapy if you have any 

of the above.

Sound Healing is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment , it is an energy healing modality which can compliment conventional medicine.

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