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Sinead O'Sullivan

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I didn't set out to be a sound healer it kind of found me.

My former role working in a busy finance department while juggling family life gave me first hand experience of being stuck on a hamster wheel. Always busy planning and doing in survival mode left me feeling tired and disconnected so I took an opportunity to make some changes. 

As my personal journey continues, I understand that balance is important and now allow my creative nature more freedom of expression.

I believe that wellness starts from within, self acceptance, self expression, and personal responsibility help bring us closer to our true selves.

In between the lunches, dinner, washing, homework etc I enjoy learning about astrology, shamanism, numerology, spirituality, ancient wisdom and the universal laws, particularly the law of attraction.  I also like to practice yoga and spending time in nature.

For as long as I can remember I have possessed an empathetic nature, I naturally tune into picking up on the emotions of others.  I use my intuition to facilitate each individual treatment.

I hold a multi instrument diploma with the Sound Healing Academy, a coaching qualification and a Diploma in Indian Head Massage with the London centre of Indian Champissage.

I offer group and individual sound healing sessions, sound baths are held at Studio3 Naas please see events for details.  Private group sessions are also available.


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'Sinead is a natural sound healer,what needs to be done just seems to come to her during the sessions. The experiencce is calming, peaceful, powerfully healing and balancing on all levels'


'Sinead is a truly gifted healer, she is professional yet caring and nurturing.  I had no idea sound healing could be so powerful.  I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from the experience'


'Sinead is a very powerful sound healing practitioner.  No sound session was the same as Sinead used her many sound instruments to quieten my mind.  I would strongly recommend a healing session from Sinead for anyone in need of mental and spiritual wellness'


'Sinead made me feel relaxed and welcome.  Go to experience sound healing if you would like to feel the vibrations of sound, relax and make positive changes in your life'

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